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Retooling for Connection

trainings, classes,


nonviolent communication practice groups

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Join a community of learners


Blue Heron trainings, classes, and practice groups are highly interactive and a powerful way to deepen learning and integrate the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).


Enjoy the value of being part of a learning community, where you benefit from real-life applications and experience for yourself this transformative and clarifying communication process. Your own participation style is honored and valued.   


Trainings are based primarily on the teaching and practice of NVC and are enhanced with complementary practices and perspectives that reinforce concepts and deepen learning and integration. 

Creating a life-serving global community


Half and full-day workshops are offered to the public and provide opportunities for community learning and networking.  

If interested in scheduling a private workshop, please contact me for information and to discuss your needs.


Classes are offered on a semi-regular basis and may focus on topics such as:


~tough conversations


~working with kids


~intimate relationships

Businesses & Organizations

Please contact me for more information and to discuss your organization's interests and needs.  Contracts are available for one-time consultations, trainings and for ongoing professional-interpersonal development. 

Practice &

empathy groups

Practice groups are an effective way to integrate the many NVC concepts and practices into your life with the support of a community. 


~ you form a group

~3-6 individuals 

~ minimum 4 sessions. 

 Please contact me to discuss. 

Also, consider joining a theme-based empathy group.

Realizing Deep Change In Oneself And Relationships

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