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The joys. 


The challenges.


Supporting both parent and child

I imagine you've found this page because you value healthy, meaningful connection with your children as a way of life. Perhaps you want to support their social-emotional development, help them establish high standards for their future relationships, and equip them with the resilience and skills to prepare them for the future. 

But let's face it.  It's often the case that people want support because painful conflict, miscommunications, disconnection, or unmet behavior expectations are draining them and their joy.   


If that's you, you're not alone.

Like all parents, your parenting challenges are unique to your own parenting journey.  Because every child is different, and so is every parent.  

While research has given us many insights into what makes for healthy parent-child relationship, adversity, family make-up and circumstances, social influences, neurodiversity, and trauma are just a few of the many reasons we need to flex and evolve our parenting practices beyond a "one size fits all" approach.  


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The parent-child relationship matters, affecting parents and children both.........emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

A mindful approach to developing mindset, communication skills, and deeper connection  can be transformative. 

Surprising Mom

I'm here for you

I am also a parent. I've spent many years developing my toolbox to approach the challenges of parenting creatively and with a strong emphasis on the thriving of both parent and child. 

Sessions and classes are focused on developing both mindset and skills.  Popular topics for parent support sessions:

  • Discipline from a place of connection vs. punishment and threats

  • Coaching kids through family or social hardship

  • Creative strategies to connect and inspire cooperation (even during conflict)

  • Repairing strained or ruptured connection

  • Building trust.... opening the lines of communication

  • Self-care to boost your emotional generosity and creativity

  • Embodying safety and strategies for co-regulation

  • Teaching collaboration and creating win-wins

  • Empathy building for the whole family

  • Self-regulation practices to calm big emotions


Past clients have shared that my approach has been heart and mind-opening, bringing their parenting more into alignment with their values, building an effective and evolving skillset for both them and their children, and helping them become more psychologically flexible so they can more calmly, mindfully and effectively respond to challenges. 

What would meet your needs?


Parent only sessions & Parent-child sessions

Online courses

Let's be in touch!

My work and parenting have been strongly influenced by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, whose contribution of Nonviolent (aka, Compassionate) Communication ranks right up at the top for me as one of the most profound, life-changing, practical tools for developing personal insight and empathy, and creating exceptional interpersonal relationships. My parenting services are built upon the principles and concrete skills that are Marshall's teaching, and also draw on other evidence-based, connection-focused approaches to parenting and working with children, such as the work of Dr. Daniel Seigel, Dr. Tina Bryson, Dr. Laura Markham, Dr's John and Julie Gottman, Dr. Ross Greene, and others. 



You can learn tools that will lead to more connection, more joy, and less conflict in your relationships with your children, no matter what their age. Please let me know how I can support you.






Join a growing community of parents who are showing up for their children (and themselves) in new and transformative ways!

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