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Private and

small-group sessions

Get the individualized support you need to advance your communication skills and create more connection in your life. 

Meet with me one on one, or  choose a small group setting to work on your  goals. For small group coaching, you form your group and together we clarify the focus for our sessions based on your needs and interests. 

It's your journey

Let me know how I can support you.

Private / Individual

Schedule to meet one on one to address your own interpersonal communication goals or to position yourself to be a more powerful agent of social or cultural change.  Clients often choose individual sessions to:

  • receive deep empathy and clarify the "stuck" places in your relationships

  • heal and transform painful ways of thinking and communicating

  • receive individualized coaching for specific relationship challenges

  • acquire skills for repairing ruptures in your relationships

  • Sharpen communication effectiveness for professional development and social change efforts

  • Learn self-empathy and other tools for handling "big triggers" during tough conversations

  • Prepare for an upcoming mediation session.

Parenting &

Children's Social-Emotional

Many of us make our biggest mark on the world through our journey as parents. If you're like me, you strive to raise confident, self-aware, compassionate, and resilient human beings who are going to make a positive difference in the world.  


For twenty years I have been acquiring and integrating what I consider to be some of the most powerful, evidence-based principles and practices for parenting and working with children. With my background as a Speech-Language  Pathologist, my in-depth knowledge of cognitive and communication development and my extensive background with Nonviolent Communication and other tools for social-emotional development, I bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to my work with parents.  Read more about my services for parents and children.

Couples & Other Significant Relationships

Infuse your relationship with depth and meaning, and empower your relationship to repair, revitalize, and reflect your shared vision moving forward.  This journey together brings couples, friends, and significant partnerships closer and supports them in achieving clarity and resolution around long-standing conflicts or challenges in their communication with one another. 




Small Group Coaching

Gather with members of your community for a unique experience of group NVC coaching/skill-building.  You choose your focus from a variety of NVC topics.  You might wish to focus on topics such as:

  • Expressing your honesty without shaming, blaming, or criticizing others

  • Transforming self-judgments into self-connection and values-based action

  • Coaching children in times of social or family hardship

  • Responding to criticism or judgment 

  • Self-empathy as an emotion regulation strategy in parenting

  • Applying NVC to social change efforts

  • Responding to your child's "no!"

  • Mediating conflicts within the family

  • Other topics of your choosing

Group size limited to 4 or less. With group coaching you save $ and strengthen your sense of community!

You may also be interested in Blue Heron's theme-based empathy groups.

"Not only does Yarrow teach well and demonstrate well, but she lives it vibrantly in her relationships with people around her, no matter what their level.  She has been the highest model for transformational communication of anyone in my life." -workshop participant and team member in the Collective Intelligence circle for Northwest Social Forum.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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