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Conflict is a natural aspect of any human relationship.  When approached and supported with empathy, curiosity and good faith, conflict is a generative process that can lead to substantial improvement in relationships and quality of life.

With an emphasis on communication and the relationship, my style of mediation is highly effective for people who not only want to resolve immediate disputes, but also have interest in re-establishing goodwill and cooperation for the long-term. 


Where everyone's needs matter 


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Co-parents & divorce

Resolve disputes efficiently and support your children's well-being with an effective team approach to making co-parenting decisions during and after divorce. 


Resolve painful issues and rebuild trust and closeness. Mediation & conflict coaching is a powerful way to express your commitment to a healthy, loving relationship.  Children 12+ years.  

Adult family

Heal the pain and create the relationship you really want. Hope, reunification, and more peace is possible in this healing and reconciliation process.  


 Gain clarity and resolution around long-term and chronic issues that bring your relationship down. Identify new possibilities and create a stronger partnership.


Cheerful diverse people huddling in the






Engage in the tough conversations that need to be had and transform conflicts into win-wins. Mediation and conflict coaching will support you in recognizing your shared values and identifying a path forward in which each person feels heard and empowered.




Supervisor - Supervisee


Optimize functioning in businesses and organizations with dispute resolution and conflict coaching. Blue Heron mediation services will help you recreate your most challenging working relationships and increase your sense of connection and shared purpose.  

Excellence in Collaboration

With my extensive background in Nonviolent Communication and training with the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center, I integrate transformative and facilitative mediation styles and tailor my services to the interests of the parties involved. Each mediation-coaching process is uniquely designed to support you in arriving at mutually satisfying, durable outcomes.


The amount of coaching and skill-building will depend on your interests. With my support, you create the agenda. I provide a safe container and a tailored process that effectively facilitates a high quality of connection through which each participant gains clarity and a sense of empowerment as they collaborate to create lasting win-win outcomes. 

A safe place to choose connection


Please contact me for more information, intake paperwork, and mediation agreements to be signed at the time of your session. 

I hold a 20-30 minute complimentary phone consultation with each party interested in mediation to provide each an opportunity to ask questions, get to know me, and to assist you in identifying your next steps. 

I look forward to supporting you.

"It is hard to put into words how powerful, and life-changing the experience of working with Yarrow and learning about NVC was for me.  My business partner and I attended a number of sessions with Yarrow several years ago. I was so unhappy with our interpersonal dynamics at the time that I wasn't sure whether we could continue our work together. Through our sessions, I was finally able to express many years of hurt and misunderstood feelings  that I had been holding onto and finally make peace with them.  The most important and memorable part of these sessions was that once I truly felt like I was being heard, I was able to finally hear my partner's expression of her feelings and experiences.


Yarrow was able to create a safe and mutually respectful space where my partner and I could hear each other, be vulnerable, express the full range of our feelings AND learn to request what our true needs are.  She modeled deep listening skills for us that showed me how to pay attention differently.  By the end of our sessions, the imbalance of power in our professional relationship had significantly shifted.  I wasn't scared to speak my own mind any more and was finally able to feel like an equal partner in our work relationship and in building a new interpersonal dynamic.  Thank you thank you thank you! "         -       


Business/workplace Mediation Client

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