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 Empowering Relationships To Thrive 

The research is clear. The quality of our relationships significantly affects our health and well-being, and impacts our families, communities, work, and spiritual life. 


Communication matters.

In the big and small moments alike.....


Our beliefs and how we communicate can make or break our sense of connection, belonging, and shared power with others.  Services at Blue Heron are aimed at personal and interpersonal transformation, infusing conflicts with compassion and creativity, and creating a culture of connection and purpose in which everyone can thrive.  

What big or small change are you looking to make to bring health, vitality, and peace to your relationships?


Yarrow Pospisil (she/her), MA, CCC-SLP 

Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer 

Mediator and Conflict Coach

Certified Embodiment Coach

For more than 25 years I have been providing therapy and coaching to individuals across the lifespan.

With a focus on communication and relationships, I support people in powerfully communicating, connecting, and living their values in a way that is in harmony with others and the world around them.  

My everyday goal is to make a positive and lasting impact that contributes to thriving individuals, families, and communities and enables a deep shift in our culture toward more connection and understanding.

Are you.....

Struggling with tough conversations?

Wanting your relationships to better aligns with your values?

Tired of the same issues repeating themselves?

Caught in power struggles?


Wanting more closeness, connection and peace?

Ready for a breakthrough?

Walk in Nature

A Path
Worth Taking

Retool and Rewire

for Connection

Communicate mindfully, courageously, and compassionately

Transform judgment, shame, and blame into connected dialogue

Inspire cooperation and goodwill

Increase clarity, flexibility and creativity in conflict

Heal, reconcile, reunify

enjoy more peace

......and much more.

Relationship..... Science and Art.


Blue Heron Coaching and Mediation practices are evidence-based and life-changing, integrating practical gems from the communication arts and sciences, theories of social and emotional intelligence, interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness and embodiment practices, and the world's great wisdom traditions.  


With a mindful attention to expressing your authentic aliveness, and empathically connecting with those around us, we can create a strong and compassionate relationship with ourselves and exceptional connections with others and with life. 


Forge a path for moving forward in a peaceful, productive, and rewarding way in all of your relationships. 



Private & 

Small Group Sessions

Parenting and Children 
Workplace relationships



Mediation &

Conflict Coaching






Training & 

Skill Building

Classes and Workshops
NVC Practice Groups
Theme-based Empathy Groups
Organizational Training

Strengthening What Matters


Let me support you in navigating the challenges and potentials of your most significant, most impactful relationships. I’ a


Advanced communication training and conflict coaching help strengthen connections through mutual valuing and respect, stimulate growth, and fuel creative collaboration.  


New mindset and new tools!

Advance your interpersonal communication skills and strengthen your commitment to life-enriching, values-based action. 

Creating a Culture of Connection

....where everyone's needs matter.

Image by Autumn Mott Rodeheaver

"Yarrow's close listening to my request to coach me in responding to decade's long stuck place I've experienced with a family member enabled me to see the light of opportunity and connection where I thought none existed"


-private client

"Yarrow facilitated a mediation between 4 people who had been working together closely in a very intense grassroots activist project when we were all falling apart. She mediated several interpersonal conflicts and even when I was hurting and wanted to hear more about how the other person was wrong, Yarrow was expressing herself with such clarity that it opened my eyes to the other side. I have asked her to be a facilitator for other people and for myself because she is clearly gifted."

-group mediation participant

"I have never been so inspired and have been at Brown University and at Bastyr. You are a very gifted facilitator. I will think to call you under any circumstance of distress and need for counsel. I am eternally grateful and very much look forward to your return."


-workshop participant

Changing the paradigm from within

Our work together is a transformative journey to maximize the health and potential of your relationships.


Your goals are my focus.

Let's talk.

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