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A set of eight, these bags display categories of universal needs, with language that will connect for most age groups.  Deepen empathy and insight as you connect with what is at the root of someone's emotions.

Living Connections UNIVERSAL NEEDS set

SKU: 364115376135191
  • This set will give you numerous ways to teach and learn empathy with your children, colleagues, partner, family, and friends. Some people choose to display them for each access in tough moments and some keep them in their bag and pull them out when they want to play creative games, practice empathy skills and make meaningful connections.

    In the classroom, the therapy room, home, or on the meditation cushion, you'll have lots of options for how to use these. The games and creative ideas included in the instruction booklet will likely inspire your own creativity.  (My kids and I are big fans of warming them up and holding them for a comforting sensory treat!) 

    Sets are made to order and while each set may contain different patterns and colors based on our inventory of materials, you can always count on a colorful, pleasing range of colors and designs.  Bags are approximately 3.5x3.5 inches.  

  • Shipping typically occurs within two days of your order. All order are shipped via UPS and due to their weight (filled with rice!), there is a cost associated with shipping. 

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