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Divided into four categories, these Living Connections will help develop skills of insight, honesty, and empathy by developing the vocabulary of emotions.  The colors, blue, green, orange, and red are often used in classrooms to teach children about self-regulation. These Living Connections can help reinforce children's exposure to the color zones at school, and provide a framework for talking about feelings and different levels/states of arousal that influence a child's brain state and ability to self-manage.

Living Connections FEELINGS Set

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Each bean bag is approximately 4 inches by 4 inches.  While you can always expect a variety of colors and patterns based on our materials inventory, colors from one set to another may vary.

    You can warm individual bags in a microwave for approximately 1 minutes for a comfortable warmth. We encourage you to spot clean by hand, or place in the clothes dryer for high heat if germ-spreading is a concern.  

    As it is impossible to create such a product with a complete range of feelings, we have included feelings that we believe are most common and relevant and common for building self-understanding and supporting self-regulation. We have also tried to make the colors and groupings of feelings easy to relate to.  

  • All products are shipped via UPS with a tracking number provided. Becuase the product you are ordering has costs associated with its weight shipping carries a cost of $6.

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