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Enjoy a pricebreak when you buy the combination set, which includes 4 FEELINGS bags and 8 UNIVERSAL NEEDS bags.  Each subset comes with its own bag.



Make these a powerful empathy-teaching, empathy-learning tool in your classroom, home, therapy room, or NVC practice group. 

Living Connections COMBO SET

SKU: 217537123517253
  • The full set of feelings and needs will give you the boost you're looking for teaching and learning empathy.  Based on the teachings of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, these Living Connections apply the lens of "feelings and needs" to the process of empathy and come with a variety of games and creative ideas for using them and building a culture of empathy and connection with the people in your life. 

  • Usually shipped within 2 business days, your Living Connections will arrive via UPS. Due to the weight of the product there is a charge to ship. 

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